Frequently Asked Questions


What does Mirus mean? The name Mirus, pronounced Meer-Us, is Latin for amazing, wonderful, marvelous, and extraordinary. It defines the experience that a person should expect to receive at Mirus Massage.


What should I expect from my massage at Mirus Massage? At Mirus Massage, every client receives “The Mirus Experience,” unparalleled spa treatments that redefine massage and relaxation. Upon arrival, clients can expect a complimentary beverage and short conversation. Additionally, each treatment is unique, each with its own scent, style, and music. After treatment, an application of soothing hot towels enhances the experience, and clients are encouraged to rehydrate with infused water or organic tea and to take home a satchel of organic dark chocolates.


How should I prepare for my massage? We recommend that you try to relax as much as possible before your massage. One way of doing this is by taking a warm bath or shower before your massage. This will warm your muscles up, making you and your muscles more relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the deeper the relaxation you’ll experience in your massage. Also, you and I will both be more comfortable if your body is clean.


Am I able to shower at your studio? Yes. There are 2 showers located on our floor. You’re welcome to use either shower, before or after your massage. Please let me know before you arrive if you plan to use the shower, so that I may have a towel, robe & slippers ready for you.


What can I do at home to extend my massage treatment? First, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Second, take a nice, warm, soothing bath, with some of our bath salt and Organic Tea. This will help you to relax and help ease any soreness or achy muscles. Stretches are also great for keeping your muscles less tense and extending the rejuvenating experience that you just received.


Do you have a cancellation policy? Yes. We ask that you give us proper notice, if you’re going to be late or have to cancel your appointment. If you cancel less than 24hrs before your appointment, or are a no-show, we will charge you half of the cost of the service(s) that you booked.


How early should I arrive before my appointment? If it is your first time visiting Mirus Massage, we asked that you arrive 10 minutes early, to fill out your massage intake form. If you have visited us before, arriving just a few minutes before your appointment will be just fine. If you prefer to fill out your massage intake form at home and bring it with you when you come, Click Here.


Do you accept walk-ins? No, at the moment, we currently work by appointment only.



Do you offer other services? Yes, we also offer Body Treatments, such as our Butter Body Scrub that will leave your skin smooth, soft and glowing.



How is the scrub removed? We think that the scrub is best removed by taking a warm shower. We have 2 showers located on our floor that you may use.



Do you offer retail products? Products are coming soon. Check back soon on our website or facebook page for an announcement.