About Patrick

301_PatrickMeerus_LaurenElle 1aPatrick graduated from The American Spirit Institute in Richmond, VA in September 2008. He is a trained specialist in massage techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, and Lomi Lomi. From an early age, Patrick believed in the tenets of holistic healing and in practicing a balanced and natural lifestyle. After being introduced to alternative healing practices, he decided to extend his passion for healing the body, mind, and spirit through the practice of Massage Therapy. The best example of Patrick’s expertise is through his personal creation, “The Bliss Massage,” a technique that combines stretching, warm stones, and a continuous flow of strokes on multiple muscles at the same time. This masterpiece tied for 1st place and named Richmond Magazine’s Best Exotic Spa Treatment in 2011.

Patrick has enjoyed working at several local spas, including Glow Med Spa most recently, before fulfilling his desire to open his own business. Nothing articulates his philosophies better than his practice. Mirus represents his personal and spiritual journey, and unlike many high-volume spas, it is one that grounds itself in developing relationships as a means to help his clients achieve their goals in mental and physical health; thus, “The Mirus Experience” is both personal and intimate.