About Mirus

At Mirus Massage, every client receives “The Mirus Experience,” unparalleled spa treatments that redefine massage and relaxation. The name Mirus (Meer-Us), Latin for amazing, wonderful, marvelous, and extraordinary, defines the experience that a person should expect to receive at the hands of a master “Relaxationist.”

20130527-004_PatrickMeerus_LaurenElle 1At Mirus, we nurture relationship with our clients. Upon arrival, clients can expect a complimentary beverage and short conversation—Patrick responds and listens to each client’s personal massage history and areas of tension, taking note of the individual’s preferences for aromatherapy and massage pressure. Patrick’s signature massage technique feels powerful, intimate, and focused, delivered with an intensity resulting in a client’s complete comfort and serenity. Additionally, each treatment is unique, each with its own scent, style, and music. After treatment, an application of soothing hot towels enhances the experience, and clients are encouraged to rehydrate with infused water or organic tea and to take home a satchel of organic dark chocolates. We even offer bath teas to continue the Mirus Experience in the comfort of your own home.

During the times life leaves you overworked, stressed, and tired, Mirus Massage is a place where you will find a moment of peace and relaxation, allowing you to renew body and spirit. We are not only about massage, but also about providing you ways to live a balanced, whole, and joyous lifestyle.