The Mirus Experience At Home

Indulge in a relaxation ritual that will cleanse, detoxify, and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Unlike any traditional spa, Mirus Massage now offers its clients a way to extend the Mirus Experience to the comfort in their own home. In the moment after a spa treatment, when you reflect on how your body feels, how time seemed to stand still, and how you wish your treatment would last just a few more minutes, you can now peruse our natural and organic Tea and Salt Bath Bar and simply fill a muslin bag for a customized bath treatment, extending the benefits of your recent spa treatment.

The Benefits of Bathing with the Mirus Teas and Salts

Uninterrupted bath time can provide a way to decrease anxiety and help your mind recover from a long, arduous day. Unsurprisingly, there are numerous psychological and musculoskeletal benefits from a hot, long soak in the tub. The hot water alone relaxes muscles, alleviates tension headaches, and clears the airways. Adding one of the Mirus Teas to the mix will activate aromatherapy to stimulate the senses; inhaling a natural fragrance can reduce stress, lift a depression, promote a good night’s sleep, soothe your soul, or give you more energy. Teas also provide antioxidants and vitamins that repair skin imperfections and help boost the immune system. Additionally, bathing with Mirus Salts stimulates circulation and also hydrates, detoxifies, and helps heal dry skin. Our salts will help reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints and also relieve pain and soreness. Next time you come see us, consider taking us with you–remember a relaxing bath has myriad health benefits for your body, mind, and spirit.

20130527-009_PatrickMeerus_LaurenElle 1HOW TO SELECT YOUR TEA & SALT SOAK

Next to the massage table, you will see each jar of Mirus Salt and Tea labeled with its name, properties, and benefits. From here, select your salt and tea for a specific healing purpose or to simply enjoy a soothing, relaxing, aromatic bath.

  • 1. Select your salt and put as much as you want in the muslin bag (10oz. or more is recommended)
  • 2. Select your tea (1½ tablespoons or more is recommended)
  • 3. Place your muslin bag with the salt and tea on the scale to weigh
  • 4. Pay for your customized Mirus Tea Bath Soak


  • 1. Tie your muslin bag around your bath faucet, allowing the hot water to run through it as your tub fills with water. However, you may also simply tie the bag tightly at the end and toss it into the tub and let it steep for a few minutes. You want to make sure the water is warm-to- hot so that you sweat a little, promoting circulation and skin regeneration, but be careful not to make it too hot!
  • 2. Soak for 20 minutes or longer and enjoy.


20130527-018_PatrickMeerus_LaurenElleThe Mirus Tea and Salt Menu


Contains magnesium, sulfur, oxygen, potassium, calcium, and bromine.

This salt blend is kosher, unrefined, and very high in mineral content. It can be effective in easing stress and relaxing the body, relieving sore muscles, treating arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, and eliminating toxins from the body.


Contains 84 different elements and minerals, including hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, sodium chloride, potassium and zinc.

Hand mined deep within the Himalayan Mountains, this salt is considered by many to be the purest salt on earth. It delivers healing benefits to the body, such as lowering blood pressure, stimulating circulation, soothing sore muscles, and can be effective in reducing acid reflux and eliminating toxins.


Jasmine tea was first produced over 1000 years ago. For years, Jasmine tea has been used in Northern China as a ritual welcoming drink.

Green tea has natural antibacterial properties. Therefore, it makes an excellent remedy to help heal minor scrapes and sores on the skin. Additionally, the antioxidants in this tea have been known to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, aid in burning fat, cleanse the arteries, and alleviate back, joint, and muscle pain. Scientific research suggests that the ingredients in jasmine green tea make it healthier than drinking water; therefore, drinking this tea after a workout is exceptionally beneficial.

20130527-012_PatrickMeerus_LaurenElleORGANIC LAVENDER EARL GREY TEA

This tea combines traditional French lavender with England’s famous Earl Grey, and delivers a blend that has a delicate floral bouquet that compliments the citrus character of Bergamot.

The antioxidants in lavender Earl Grey tea attack free radicals, which have damaging effects that age the body. It can also be used to treat exhaustion, aches and pains, fevers, skin problems, inflammation, depression, infections, indigestion, and anxiety. As an aromatic stimulant, lavender is refreshing, relaxing, and has been known to help reduce the symptoms of migraine headaches. This tea is a perfect addition to any nighttime ritual as it promotes a more restful sleep.


Masala chai tea has been the Indian drink of choice for hundreds of years. It is a perfect blend of black tea, fresh Indian spices like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper.

Perfect for those chilly days, a spicy Chai tea soak helps alleviate anxiety and winter depression. Additionally, it’s been known to improve digestion, enhance your immune system, and fight inflammation. The antioxidants in Chai tea protect skin cells and encourage cell growth, which could be helpful in an anti-aging regimen, as they may help fight fine lines and wrinkles.


Moroccan mint tea is the most popular drink in Morocco.

Mint is used throughout the world to relieve indigestion, act as a powerful antioxidant, fight bacteria and fungus, aid in decongestion, alleviate symptoms caused by common head colds, and relieve minor aches and pains such as cramps and sprains. Mint is used aromatically to clear sinuses, sooth tension headaches, and paired with green tea, help reduce migraine symptoms. This mint and green tea combination will help boost your immunity, helping you get through the cold and flu season and is also a perfect remedy for seasonal allergies.

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